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December 2013 Initial Director's Interest Notice (23 December)
Appointment of Interim Director (23 December)
Final Director's Interest Notice (20 December)
Director Resignation (20 December)
Empire sues Messrs Marshall, Joyce & Warris for legal costs (20 December)
Empire Secures $2m Credit Facility from ERM Power (19 December)
Lapse of Unlisted Options (02 December)
Empire Appoints Highly Experienced Executive as Acting CEO (02 December)
November 2013 Results of Meetings (27 November)
Reminder Regarding Shareholder Meetings (25 November)
Initial Director's Interest Notices (25 November)
Final Director's Interest Notices (25 November)
ERM: succeeds in move to strengthen Empire Board (22 November)
Settlement Reached Between ERM and Empire (22 November)
Letter to Shareholders (01 November)
October 2013 Quarterly Report for period ended 30 September 2013 (31 October)
EPW: Blue Proxy Form dispatched to Empire shareholders (28 October)
Empire's Response to ERM's Release of 24 October 2013 (28 October)
Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form (25 October)
EPW: Empire Board Indemnities (24 October)
EPW: Empire proxy form from ERM (23 October)
Revised 2013 Annual Report (22 October)
Amendments to 2013 Annual Report (22 October)
EPW: Further information requested from Empires's Auditors (21 October)
Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form (18 October)
Information Relating to Shareholder Meeting (18 October)
Amendments to 2013 Directors' Report (17 October)
Amendments to 2013 Directors' Report (16 October)
KEY: EP437 Exploration Update (16 October)
Change of Operator for EP437 Joint Venture (16 October)
Empire Video Response to ERM Requisition Notice (15 October)
ERM: Power rejects Empire's Initial Response (04 October)
Initial Reponse to ERM proposal to change Empire Board (03 October)
September 2013 Annual Report 2013 (30 September)
Requisition for General Meeting by ERM Power Limited (27 September)
EPW: ERM Power moves to strengthen Empire (27 September)
Change in substantial holding from EPW (25 September)
Total Construction & Commissioning Cost Red Gully Facility (20 September)
Approval to Drill Dunnart-2 EP437 North Perth Basin (16 September)
Red Gully Commissioning Completed (16 September)
Writ of Summons issued against Wharf Resources Plc (11 September)
Red Gully Processing Facility Update EP389 PL96 Perth Basin (09 September)
Empire Presentation to Good Oil Conference, 4 September 2013 (04 September)
August 2013 Red Gully Processing Facility Update (26 August)
Change of Share Registry Services Provider (23 August)
Notice of initial substantial holder from ERM (22 August)
Update on Production Licence L16 and EP435 Carnarvon Basin (15 August)
Update on the Red Gully Facility & EP389 Production Licences (15 August)
BFE: Agreement for Sale of Interests in EP435 & L16 (14 August)
Red Gully Condensate Supply & Purchase Agreement with BP (09 August)
July 2013 Quarterly Report for period ended 30 June 2013 (31 July)
Red Gully Facility Commissioning (26 July)
Red Gully Facility (12 July)
Red Gully Facility and Three Well Drilling Programme Update (04 July)
June 2013 Change of Director's Interest Notice (21 June)
Research Report by Hartley's Limited, 19 June 2013 (21 June)
Red Gully Gas and Condensate Processing Facility Update (18 June)
Weekly Newsletter 13 June 2013 with Red Gully Update (13 June)
Notice Under Section 708(5)(e) of the Corporations Act (11 June)
Appendix 3B (11 June)
Wannamal 3D Heliseismic Survey Update (06 June)
Commissioning and First Gas for the Red Gully Facility (06 June)
Placement of Shortfall Shares and Additional Shares (06 June)
May 2013 Recording of the Wannamal 3D Heliseismic Survey Update (31 May)
Research Report by Stockbroking Firm Hartley's Ltd (31 May)
Change of Director's Interest Notices x 4 (30 May)
Commissioning and First Gas at Red Gully Processing Facility (30 May)
Wannamal 3D Heliseismic Survey Update (23 May)
Entitlement Issue - Notification of Shortfall (23 May)
NWE: Estimate of Gas in place at North Erregulla (15 May)
Entitlement Issue Reminder (15 May)
Deemed Withdrawal by Allied Oil & Gas NL from EP416 JV (14 May)
Deemed Withdrawal by Allied Oil & Gas Plc from EP426 JV (14 May)
Deemed Withdrawal by Allied Oil & Gas Plc from EP432 JV (14 May)
RPS Energy Independent Study For EP368 & EP426 (14 May)
RPS Energy Independent Study Unconventional Gas EP440 (14 May)
RPS Energy Independent Study Unconventional Gas EP454 (14 May)
Wannamal 3D Heliseismic Survey, EP389 Onshore Perth Basin (07 May)
April 2013 Quarterly Report for the Period Ended 31 Marcdh 2013 (26 April)
Non Renounceable Pro Rata Entitlement Issue and Appendix 3B (19 April)
Entitlement Issue - Notice Under Section 708AA (19 April)
Approval to commence Wannamal 80km2 3D Heliseismic Survey (19 April)
Entitlement Issue - Offer Document (19 April)
Entitlement Issue - Notice to Eligible Shareholders (19 April)
Entitlement Issue - Notice to Ineligible Shareholders (19 April)
Entitlement Issue - Letter to Option Holders (19 April)
Entitlement Issue - Amended Appendix 3B (19 April)
Red Gully Gas & Condensate Facility Final Cost Estimates (18 April)
Deemed Withdrawal by Wharf Resources Plc from EP389 JV (09 April)
3rd Prepayment Condition Satisfied for EP389 Red Gully (04 April)
March 2013 Empire Oil & Gas NL to record Launer 2D Seismic Survey (22 March)
Wannamal 3D Heliseismic Survey EP389 Onshore Perth Basin (20 March)
Empire Oil & Gas Half Yearly Report to 31 December 2012 (15 March)
Update on Construction of the Red Gully Processing Facility (07 March)
Empire Appoints Macquarie Capital for Basin-Wide Farmouts (05 March)
S&P DJ Indices Announces March Quarterly Rebalance (01 March)
February 2013 Appendix 3Y (07 February)
January 2013 Quarterly Report period ended 31 December 2012 (30 January)
KEY: 2013 Exploration Update (14 January)
Empire Oil & Gas NL Weekly Newsletter 10 January 2013 (11 January)
Update on the Red Gully Gas & Condensate Processing Facility (10 January)
Hartleys Research Report on Empire Oil and Gas N.L. (04 January)